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My Thoughts On The Breadwinner

51mkbxolf7lI really like long books that are based on something in real life. In my class we have been reading a book called The Breadwinner. The book is all about a girl called Parvana. She lives in Kabul that is a city in Afghanistan. The people that decide the rules in the country are the Taliban’s. They made a bunch of rules like girls around over the age of 12 are not supposed to go outside their homes and if yes they have to wear something called a chador or a burqa. Another rule is that woman cannot work and their is no school. Of course I would like to tell you more about the book but maybe their is people that want to read it and not know everything about the book. What I like about The Breadwinner book is that their is always a problem and they always have to find a way to solve it. The other thing that I like about the book is that  it is a long book and I really like that. In the next couple days I am  probably going to order the second Breadwinner because I really liked the first one and I hope I like the second one too.

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Cannot leave home!

51mkbxolf7lIn The Breadwinner which is a book that were reading in my class the girls around twelve years old and older are not allowed to leave their home. To be honest sometimes it’s sounds cool not leaving your house but just for the first days or weeks. Because you don’t have anything and you can relax watch television and stuff like that. But at one point it would get boring just doing the same thing every single day! It would really be bad because I would not be able to play with my friends,play sports or doing other fun activities outside of my house. I have two dogs and I need to take them for a walk everyday sometimes two times per day because they have so much energy. My point of this is that I would not cope would it. Would you cope with it?  Comment below                                                                                                                                                                  Image source: amazon.ca

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