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The Best Vacation Ever!

It’s been around 4 to 5 years that I’ve been going to Old Orchard beach for a family vacation. Old Orchard beach is situated in Portland Maine of the United States. The beach is really nice and the water in the ocean is not too cold and I hate when the water is freezing cold. On the beach I usually go swim or play beach soccer, throw the nerf ball and even play football whith my dad. After the beach I always go in the Jacuzzis or the pool which is right next to the Hotel. Later on in the day me and family go walking in the streets and go to different restaurants. In Old Orchard their is a lot of seafood restaurants which I love. My favourite part of the day is after dinner when we go to the rides. When its starts getting dark me and family walk back to the hotel and go in the Jacuzzis. That is pretty much a day in Old Orchard beach. I hope I made you want to go to Old Orchard beach.