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Playoffs part 2

t4paldf1So a couple weeks ago I wrote stuff about my playoffs in soccer. So now I am going to continue what happened next. Like you know I was going to the semi-final in that match we were up against the best team in the league. That team only lost one match team this year and that was against us. It was a really hard match but we lost 3-0. I was really sad but at least we had a chance to win the bronze medal. So we won the match for the bronze medal 1-0. After that there was a ceremony for the medals and that’s when we got our medal. That was the last match of our season. Now our season is over but next year my team is going to go AA which is really cool. If you do not know what AA is well right now I play in A but AA is a bit better and you play versus better teams and players then A. I really cannot wait for the next season to start to play AA.