All About Me

Hi my name his Kobe has you probably realize that his not my real name.

I’m 12 years old and in grade 6.

I live in LaPrairie Quebec and I speak two languages which are French and English.

I go to St-Lawrence school which is in Candiac.

My favorite subjects are Gym and Mathematic.

In my family we are 6 me my mom my dad my sister and two dogs.

We all speak English and French.

I have a passion which his soccer.

I’ve been playing since I’m 4 years old.

I play in a competitive league and my team is LaPrairie Galaxie.

My hobby his playing on the ps4 playing sports with my friends and listening to music.

I listen to pop and hip hop.

My favorite animals are dogs I have two one is an aussie doodle which his 1 years old and he is called Ozzy and my other dog is a cocker spaniel and he’s 4 months and called Charlie.

I’ve went on a lot of vacations in my life but my favorite one was when I went France and Germany with last year.

My favorite’s teams are Edmonton oilers for hockey and bvb for soccer.

My dream is to one day maybe be a pro soccer player but I’m not sure that’s probably not going to happen.


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