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When I’m older I will probably not own a shop, that’s not really what I’m interested in doing job wise or for a living but it would be pretty fun and different to own the shop I want. So if had a shop it would be situated in Toronto, for the people who are wondering why Toronto its because its been a couple years that admire Toronto as a city to live in and I would really enjoy living there my whole life because its just a beautiful place and a lot of nice people live in Toronto. Moving to Toronto is my dream and I hope I could live there one day.

Back to the point I’m making this post, my shop will probably be about headphones, speakers, ear pods and more, well a music store. The reason I’m doing a music store is because their will always be music on so people in the store can be happy while there are going Continue reading Beats 4 Life

Is This a Good Comment?

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be talking about what makes a good comment.  This post is all in my opinion you may not think this is the way to make a good comment and that’s alright but I think its the basics to make a great comment.

Personally I like when someone comments stuff that I have to work so my post can be even better. I also like when someone gives their own opinion on the post, for instance lets say I in my post I talked Continue reading Is This a Good Comment?

Im in the Student Blogging Challenge…

Hey everyone, I’m doing this post because I wanted to share with you guys that I am part of the International Student Blogging Challenge! This challenge will be taking place for ten weeks, plus every week their is a new challenge. This week is week 1 and I think the challenge was pretty fun, it was to write a comment on three different blogs from all around the world. I commented on people from California and even New Zealand! I really think the challenge is fun and I cant wait to ear what the next challenges are going to be. So far I’ve only gotten one comment back that’s from a girl  from California, hopefully I get more comments on my post and please comment down below if you think the Student Blogging Challenge sounds extremely  fun.

The Best Places To Visit In The World!

hawaii-975623_960_720I really like going on vacation for many reasons. I like visiting the world and seeing how different they’re culture is then ours. My favorite spot is Europe because the food is so good and the places are so beautiful. I’ve went to many places in Europe like France, Germany and Sweden and they were so fun to visit and the food was great.                                                 Continue reading The Best Places To Visit In The World!

My Dream Destination!!

In my life, I’ve went on vacation many times to amazing places like France, Germany and Mexico but there are still a lot of places I dream to go. One of my dream destinations that I wish to go to one day is Wakaya Island. Wakaya Island is an island situated in Fiji. This place is my dream vacation because I’m the type of person who rathers being in the hot then the cold. I love the beach, most of the time when I go on vacation it will be in a place with a beach. The best part about Wakaya Island is that the water is turquoise as you can see in the picture and I just love that because it just makes you want to jump in the water. This destination has a late of up sides but it has some down sides too. I’m confident that in Wakaya Island the food is not too great but the main reason I want to there is because of the beach and the OCEAN! If ever I go there I would really like to go to a waterpark because going to a waterpark with turquoise water is just amazing!

Comment down below what your dream destination is!

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The Biggest Christmas Ever!

IMG_314019498757726_5a3ef61b1e_bToday I am going to be talking about what I want for Christmas and my birthday because they are both coming in the next weeks coming. This Christmas I want two big gifts that I’ve been waiting for months. Usually for Christmas I go on vacation in the South or go see family that lives in Edmonton but this year we are staying and Montreal and doing a normal Christmas like I would do when I was smaller. What is cool is that my birthday is Continue reading The Biggest Christmas Ever!

Out of My Mind Book Blurb

Out of my mind is a book about Melody, an 11-year-old girl who has a cerebral palsy so she cannot walk or talk but she is very smart and has a pictured memory of every single detail she experienced in her life. Life can get very frustrating for Melody because of her disabilities but all of her surroundings try their best to make her live a normal life. In my opinion her parents to a great job to help Melody and make her wishes come true so she can live a life like other kids. It must be hard for a parent to look at their child and see that their kid has a tough life. Melody’s life is very challenging and has to work hard to make her wishes come true. 

In my opinion I think children with disabilities should not be in schools with kids without disabilities. My first reason is because a lot of kids without disabilities think that children that are handicap look weird and stuff but that’s not right. Usually kids with disabilities have a tough time trying to learn stuff at school compare to kids without disabilities for example if you cannot talk it must really be hard to learn because you can’t say anything and if they are in a classroom with a bunch of other kids with no disabilities well they are just going to delay the rest of the class to learn new stuff. Most of the time in public schools when you have a disability of something or you are retarted there is someone who’s always nearby to help you with the work you must do in class and usually those people take the child out of the class to help him and it must not be fun for a kid to always have to work with someone out of the class and feel like he does not belong in the class.

Comment down below if you ever read a book about someone who has a disability.

The Terrible Two

bookA couple weeks ago me and my class went to the library. I  really like going to the library because I love books and  also when I’m bored I enjoy reading good, interesting and long books. Their is plenty of other books I like to read like sport books and funny books too. At the library I was looking in the English section for an interesting funny book and I found a book called The Terrible Two that really interested me. The first thing that interested me about the book is the author which was Jeff Kinney. Jeff Kinney is probably my favorite English author. If you know the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series well you probably know who Jeff Kinney is. The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books were my favorite books because their were funny, long, interesting and so good. The series only had 9 books which I read them all. When I was reading the books I would just spent hours and hours reading all the all of the collection. Sadly I think their is no more books made in the series because they stop making the movies. The book I took at the library is all about a kid who was the best prankster at is school but then is parents decide to move to random town in the middle of nowhere for a unknown reason. The kid is really mad because he’s leaving all is friends and he really wants to stay the best prankster. A couple days after moving to is new town, school started but he was not sure what he was going to be at is new school. When he got to is new school he noticed that his new school already had a prankster so he wasn’t sure what he could be and was wondering is he should compete with the other prankster or try to be someone else. I will not say more about the book because if you are a person who likes to read books well you would like if I do not tell you everything about the book.


6232360103_bbbba57e14_bHave you heard about the trend with the killer clowns? Well if not I am going to tell you about it. So its been around  six months that people are dressing in clown costumes and trying to scare people. But around a month ago it went all over social media and their  is more and more people trying to scare.  A few weeks ago their was a man trying to scare two kids by chasing them with a baseball bat in a clown costume and then the man got arrested. After that incident less and less people were trying to scare but its still trending. Their is a lot of places like New York,Texas and California that they banned clowns costumes from the Halloween store. So my point that I’m talking about this is that at Halloween this year my costume will be a clown but of course I will not be trying to scare anyone or chase them with a knife. Also I hope that you know that the clowns aren’t real and its just people trying to scare other people.

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My Thoughts On The Breadwinner

51mkbxolf7lI really like long books that are based on something in real life. In my class we have been reading a book called The Breadwinner. The book is all about a girl called Parvana. She lives in Kabul that is a city in Afghanistan. The people that decide the rules in the country are the Taliban’s. They made a bunch of rules like girls around over the age of 12 are not supposed to go outside their homes and if yes they have to wear something called a chador or a burqa. Another rule is that woman cannot work and their is no school. Of course I would like to tell you more about the book but maybe their is people that want to read it and not know everything about the book. What I like about The Breadwinner book is that their is always a problem and they always have to find a way to solve it. The other thing that I like about the book is that  it is a long book and I really like that. In the next couple days I am  probably going to order the second Breadwinner because I really liked the first one and I hope I like the second one too.

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